The 5th Annual Summer Sports & Literacy Camp sponsored by the Greater Columbus Tennis Association with in-kind donations from the Ohio Dominican University, YWCA Family Center, and Columbus Metropolitan Library Shepard Branch.


A&L Afterschool will soon launch the opening of its first Agriculture Literacy Academy in Early Spring 2017 for adults, veterans, and seniors 7-9 p.m. on Wednesdays at Howard Recreation Community Center, City of Columbus Recs and Parks (614-645-3713).

Sign Up Early! Call Dr. Nancy at 614-253-0773 to register to name, phone number, and email address. Come out for free, fun learning on how to grow your own healthy vegetables and fruits!

Thank You! Columbus SOUP 2016 , who sponsored the Micro-Agriculture Literacy Academy.

Attention Youth, GED Adults, and Veterans: Tutoring for youth all grades (elementary, middle, and high school) and adults is available 4:00 - 7:30 p.m. every Wednesday at Howard Community Center. We provide academic support, career-mentoring, and motivation to achieve the highest learning outcomes. We are also listed in the National Literacy Directory. Visit us at the Howard Center for free onsite one-on-one consultation.

For more information, call 614-253-0773 or email (Nancy Hill McClary, Ph.D., A&L President, CEO, Education Director).

A&L Afterschool Literacy+ Institute was established in 2010 to engage students in learning with interactive, game-based instruction in the areas of literacy (reading, writing, speaking!), all academic subjects, life skills, exercise, and healthy living.

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) public charity that needs classroom volunteers and your donations to hire instructor-mentors we passionately believe will help youth and adults of all ages in this nation. Our year-round programming and summer camps are held at Howard Community Center and Brentnell Community Center tennis courts (City of Columbus Recreation and Parks).

A&L has tuition-free, year-round and summer curriculum on reading, math, and science as well as art, community gardening, healthy eating, exercise, and tennis

Our Mission

Our mission is to build confidence and leadership in all academic subjects and enhance healthy living and life skills for youth and adults of all ages.

Our Vision

The vision of A&L Afterschool is to: “make students S.M.I.L.E." as we

Stimulate critical thinking for entrepreneurship
Maintain high expectations
Involve literacy and games approaches
Link motivation and student enjoyment
Encourage healthy lifestyles

Motto and Youth Mascott

Our motto is “make a dent, leave an impression.” Adding to that our youth mascot is the "Meerkat" because as one student honorably stated: "Our eyes are Big, but our smiles are Bigger!"

Visit our Student Experience page and see photos in the Gallery.

 A&L has also been awarded several grants:

Special thanks to the following business organizations for donations, collaborations, instructor-leader support, teacher collection materials, supplies, volunteers, and mentors:

A&L founder Dr. Nancy Hill McClary states: “What we find conducive to better reading, writing, and speaking across all the academic subjects is ‘practice using the arts! and physical learning approaches.’” A&L Institutes offers a relaxed environment for students and workshop participants to find their voices, critically think, and share artistic ideas with peers and classmates.

Visit our Student Experience page to learn more about activity schedules and the summer camp experience!

About the Founder 

Click HERE to view a larger summer camp interview with Dr. Nancy Hill McClary (A&L founder).

Dr. Nancy Hill McClary, focus area educational psychology, (Columbus, Ohio) is the founder, president, and CEO of A&L Afterschool Literacy+ Institute, a non-profit organization. She is a K-12 educator, grant writer, literacy coach, camp director, local nonfiction/fiction author, and workshop facilitator. Her institute was established in 2010 based on a visionary idea of fun afterschool academics for students. Dr. McClary has more than 30 years of experience in designing curriculum and community service-learning projects. She was formerly employed for 10 years at Ohio State directing literacy outreach in Columbus City School classrooms and 22 years as a corporate technical writer. She also holds two Master of Arts degrees in education and communication.